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V1 Telescope
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Activ. Telescopics
activatable telescopics
friction part
bar construction
bar laterally
The element is a CNC milled connection part of non precious alloy
usable for telescopic crowns and bar attachments to attain an evenly
flexible friction for all elements. It is also applicable for implants.
The friction can be set individually to guarantee a durable perfectly
fitting hold and can be adjusted for each application.
The friction part can be fixed by glueing, lasering or welding.

The friction part and the included spacer are fixed at the milled
primary telescope e.g. the bar attachment, coated with a thin wax layer.
Subsequently followed by coating the primary construction with
Pataresin, or light-curing resin. Finally the crown shape can be worked out.

After the friction part was pressed out laterally it can be embedded.
Now, it can be inserted into the secondary - or bar construction.
The pre load adjustment can be made with round-nose pliers.
The spacer allows a small flexible zone resulting in maximum friction.
Activatable Telescopic crowns with a friction part
(CNC milled) also applicable for bar attachments.
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